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You Can Do All Things!

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My weight loss journey was not an overnight success story. It is actually a continual walk of hard work and discipline. Like many people, I was never the type of person who liked weighing myself whether private or public. It was actually a picture that I saw of myself which made my heart dropped. One day while at the gym, I decided to weigh myself and was shocked to see that I weighed 221 pounds. Most people will tell me today that I never looked like I weighed that much because I am tall and carried it well. My turning point was when my doctor told me 5 years ago that I had high blood pressure and was placed on medication. At that point I told myself and my doctor that “I AM GOING TO MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!” To fast forward I began to journal all the foods and beverages that I would consume. I did that for 21 days and was amazed at the amount of fast food, sugary snacks, fried foods, processed foods that I was eating. It’s so important to write things down so you can visually see it. I began to take action by educating and researching the effects of the foods I was eating and began to slowly remove those foods from my diet. As a result, I began to have more energy, clearer skin, better sleep and less stress. After six months I dropped 35 pounds and was so excited. Finally after 5 months of taking the blood pressure medication, my doctor gradually took me off all medications. As I continued to clean my diet and workout daily, the weigh just began to fall off. Well it has been almost 5 years on this journey and I have loss a total of 75 pounds naturally.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy and fit body takes time, patience, persistence and consistency, but it is SO worth working for! I pray that my story has inspired and motivated you to find your inner- power and believe that YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS!

My Journey: About Me
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